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Our Abilities and Services!

Web Programming

Website design and programming from zero to one hundred based on your needs in various fields for the growth and development of your business.

Blockchain Programming

Creating and developing smart contracts and issuing tokens and coins, creating and programming bots and anti-bots for different networks such as Tron and ... , implementing the core of Bitcoin.

Mobile Programming

Designing applications for Android and IOS operating systems with the technology you want and implementing your ideas for the growth and branding of your business.

OS Programming

Designing various high-quality software, including accounting software, etc. for Windows and Linux operating systems.

Web Security and Optimization

Checking and providing and improving the security of your website and preventing various attacks such as ddos and xss attacks.

Data mining

Creating intelligent software and examining big data; machine learning and data science.

Server and Hosting services

Providing shared hosting and virtual servers, dedicated, download, video and backup along with related services.


Server virtualization and increasing productivity and more optimal use of hardware resources, Docker and VMWare technology.

Software Optimization

Providing optimization and SEO services to increase site visits and presence in the top search engine results; the best software performance along with saving resources and servers.


Why us?


24/7 support

Leave us to solve problems related to the services provided from zero to one hundred!


Quality is guaranteed

Our company provides you with the best services by employing experienced professionals.


Free consultation for all

Answering questions and guiding users and customers for free by our IT specialists.


The price is right

Experience the most appropriate prices with high quality with us.

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BlockChain Services

DevDexter is a blockchain service provider company that has years of experience in this field and can cooperate with you in the following services.

  • Blockchain Security
  • Blockchain Smart Contract Development
  • Decentralized Applications (dApps)
  • Blockchain Wallet & Exchange Software
  • Blockchain Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Custom Blockchain Solutions
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NFT Services

DexDexter is also experienced in creating and managing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). We help you gain a lot of information and awareness about NFTs. We help you create, market and sell your NFTs easily.

  • Custom NFT Marketplace Development
  • NFT smart contract development
  • Enterprise NFT platform development
  • Advanced NFT Functionality
  • OpenSea SDK
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Programming Services

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Web Programming

Designing and programming all kinds of dynamic and static websites, administrative and organizational, personal, educational and cultural portals, online stores, websites introducing products and services of companies and institutions using the latest technologies and programming on the web and Dedicated management panel.

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Mobile Programming

Our goal is to build a functional and powerful application that, while providing superior performance, also reduces the costs of developing and maintaining the application. Our expert programming and application design team focuses on building and developing features that provide valuable services to users and accelerate the growth of your digital business.

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OS Programming

Microsoft's operating system has been focusing on providing a platform for providing high-quality and essential software for a long time. If you also have an idea for programming and designing Windows software, register your project right now. We can also design Linux software for you and be with you in this way. You just need to entrust the work to our skilled programmers.

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